Would You Give God Your Last?

“Closer” Day  16 – Would You Give God Your Last?

Today’s Reading:  Mark 6:30-44

Reflection Verse:  38 “How many loaves do you have?” he asked. “Go and see.” When they found out, they said, “Five—and two fish.”

We all want to see God do miracles in our lives lives and in the lives of others.  We want to be part of the experience and we want to see it first hand. We believe that God can do the impossible.

But here’s where it becomes difficult. Miracles are done when God goes beyond the limits of what we can see is possible. Miracles are often done after we have exhausted all our natural resources and we can no longer see any possibilities. The problem is that no one wants to come to the end of their resources, or to the end of their experiences, or to the end of their understanding. We try to stay in control of those things. But as long as we have it in control, we really don’t have a need for God. We’ve got it under control.

Sometimes, God brings us to end of what we can control so that He can step in and do the impossible. Other times, God waits for us to give up control of the situation.

The disciples were tired and hungry and knew that the only way they were going to be able to eat was to disperse the crowd that gathered. They were thinking of themselves. Jesus’ compassion for the people was the opposite. He wanted to keep them near so that he could teach and enjoy their company. All the disciples could see was that there wasn’t enough money and there wasn’t enough food to feed thousands. So Jesus challenged them to give up the last of what they had to Him. He took the little that they had, blessed it, and it blessed the thousands…and the disciples.

For many of us, our first thought would be similar:  “well how am I supposed to eat now?” Or, “this isn’t fair, that’s mine, they need to go get their own.” So we hold on to what we have and what we can see as possible and send away those whom God wants to bless through us, and we say “I’ll be praying for you.” We never see that God wants to answer the prayer and do a miracle through us and bless us in the process.

When we make ourselves and our resources available to God, even our last, we can be a part of God’s miracle work.


  • Are you willing to be used of God?
  • What resources do you have that you are willing to turn over to God so that He can use them to do miracles?

Prayer:  Lord, help me to let go of the things I have, even my last,  so that they can be available for you.  Use my money, my time, and my abilities. Help me to live like everything I have is yours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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